Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How much do YOU know.......

about Mesothelioma?.....

Tomorrow (September 26th) is Mesothelioma Awareness Day.  I was contacted by a delightful woman named Emmy who reached out to me, asking me to share her message about Mesothelioma.  Before I read her article, I knew very little.  After reading her article, I now know that I could be at risk for this type of cancer, and not to be too crazy about it...but you could be at risk too!  Knowledge is most definitely power, and she, along with myself, want you to be as powerful as you can be about Mesothelioma.

Please click on the above link, to find out more about this dangerous cancer.  Lets work together to help Emmy spread her message.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Strong Silent Type

It's been awhile.  I admit that I've been avoiding this blog; not because I don't love the people that read it. That's not it at all.  Every time I end up here it makes me reflect, and I'm still living in the fog that comes post-treatment & recovery.  It's a lovely place.

The Summer has come and gone and many adventures were had.  I learned to boogie board in California, road-tripped cross country, headed to see my family up North, relaxed, got sick, and lived.  So, there are many reasons why I've been silent.  Many good reasons.

I've had two follow-ups since last I wrote.  One was in June, with my internal rad doctor, who said things looked good.  The other was with my oncologist just last week, who did a pap (which the results should come in this week), and checked my parts.  He said there was some thickening of that area.  This is primarily due to scarring from the radiation.  I told him that my bladder wants to turn inside/out everytime I use it, and he just laughed.  I wasn't being funny.  This is also a fabulous side-effect of the radiation and will probably be what it is for the rest of my life.  Otherwise, he said I looked good.  I did get chastised for not coming to see him more (wipe tear from eye here), and I promised to bring him chocolates next time.  Sheesh! Doctors can be so needy sometimes.  I've been scheduled for another follow-up in December.  Woohoo! He did let me know that re-occurance of cervical cancer typically happens within two years post-treatment.  That was something I could have lived without knowing, but I guess knowledge is still power.  I secretly think he's trying to scare me into seeing him more often.  He's forgotten that I don't scare easily anymore.

Most of my cancer fighting heroes are currently doing great! Tristan is back at school, as is Ashley.  They are returning to a semblance of normal and still fill my life with strength and awe.

Unfortunately, I learned this weekend that one of my chemo partners and the most optimistic man I've ever met, lost his battle with lung/brain cancer.  He would have celebrated his 20th year as the voice of the football team that Coach is over.  My heart aches for his family and the community who's lives he has touched for so long.  I was blessed to share a chair next to his a couple of times and we talked about football, life, kids, the strength of being positive, and how best to keep moving forward.  The world was brighter with him in it, and now heaven is exploding with color!

I apologize for the silence, but not for the life I'm living.  I am still grateful every day for the strong men and women who have changed who I am, and continue to make a positive impact on the world.  I've found out that two friends of mine are now fighting their own battles - and would love it if you would send an extra prayer their direction.  I'll give more details as I feel they would be okay with.  For now, just know that they are both really strong, committed and determined souls who will give it all they've got.

Thank you. Always.