Sunday, June 15, 2014

It's Working

Hi everyone! It's been a few months since my last crazy post, and all is well.  I have been able to meet with a counselor/therapist a couple of times now and so have my boys so we are working on finding a new normal. I can't say enough about the level of love, and consideration that we've been shown by friends, family and the community that we live in.

Who would have ever thought that this would be our lives, even just two years ago?

To get back to our cervical friends, I was supposed to have a follow-up on June 3rd, but found myself very agitated with my insurance company (again and again) and so I went shopping in the Marketplace and found new insurance.  It's pretty good stuff, but I haven't had enough time to sit down and work out if my oncologist is covered, and how to primary care physician...blah blah blah.  In short, I'm still working out the kinks in my new insurance and then it will all change again.

I got a job! I'm working at the school where my kids go- which is a fabulous place to be, and my insurance will change yet again in July.  It will be even better insurance and so I wait.  I plan to get my follow-up sometime in August and celebrate yet another milestone of cancer free cells.  I promise to remind the dingbatty doctor that I need to have my tunnel flushed with some saline goodness prior to the scrap-a-thon. Woohoo! It's a party.

Something to also look out for if this is a situation that you've found yourself in.  If you've lost your partner in life, and the option of intercourse three times a week is suddenly slammed shut; be diligent with the dialator. If you're not, things will begin to scar shut and when you do remember that it may be important down the -road to have that could get pretty painful.  SO....dialate away, because you're worth the extra time spent to have all openings in their proper form.

My boys are well.  The two oldest are currently in Moab with their Auntie, after getting to spend two nights at their other Auntie's house.  They are adventurous animals.  My youngest is here with me and we're doing all that we can to make the most of our one on one time.  Thank you for the prayers, the cheers, and the checking in to see how things are going.  I am grateful.  Always.

Much love,