Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lost in Transition

There's really no easy way to talk about any of this.  I feel a need to at least let everyone know that I did have my check-up last August, and the Dr. didn't get enough sample on his pap swab to do anyone a bit of good, but I did get a bill for it. Ha!

I have another check-up in February, where I'll be sure to let Dr. B know that he needs to scrape extra hard to make sure we get what we need. (winky winky).  This is a bit tricky as it will be the first doctor's visit with Dr. B that my husband wasn't with me.

I miss him.

A lot.

Moving forward, and hating every single step. Thankfully I have three wonderful reasons to keep moving forward, at least until I like it a little bit.

Still grateful for what I know to be true.  Thankful for family and friends who continue to love me, warts and all.  Thankful for three little boys who pray for me every morning and night.  I am thankful.  Tired and weary, but thankful.

Much love,